A Memorable First: The Right Ways to Order Seafood at a Restaurant

A seafood platter

You lived most of your life in the city and while your parents cooked seafood meals for you, you’ve never been to an authentic seafood restaurant before. You finally found the time and opportunity when your date suggested one of the Orange Beach seafood restaurants, TackyJacks. As much as you want to wing it, you still want to ensure that your date and first meal at a legit seafood restaurant is memorable.

Unknown Seafood? Ask Your Server

Don’t be ashamed to ask the server questions regarding their menu, specifically about a species that you never heard of. There are times when restaurants serve specialty seafood meals that will have foreign-sounding names. The server is there to assist you, which means that they have the responsibility to know what’s on their menu. They will be able to describe the kind of fish, including its texture and taste, as well as, recommend their bestsellers if you can’t decide.

Be Cautious of Possible Allergies

If you’re allergic to nut-based oils, shellfish or other products, it’s essential that you know how the restaurant prepared the dishes. Before ordering anything, inform the waiters regarding your concerns or food allergies. They will be able to help you choose which meals would be safe for you or which dishes they can customize to your needs.

Order Seafood Meals Loaded with Flavor

Seafood is commonly healthy and satisfying, which is why health-conscious individuals are adding it to their diet. However, you have to be aware of the preparation process. Fried and battered fish is delicious, but they come with fat and calories. If possible, try to order meals that don’t undergo frying or include a lighter batter to get rid of heavy flavor. Instead, choose restaurants that concentrate on bringing out natural seafood flavors without overcooking it or drowning it in sauces.

Now that you have learned the basics of seafood ordering 101, you can proceed to book reservations and confirm your date. With this tips, you will be able to enjoy your first memorable authentic seafood meal with a potential partner.