Beer Making Basics: What You Need to Know

different flavors of beer

Compared to wine and a wide range of other alcoholic drinks, beer is probably the most popular beverage. This can be attributed to the less formal way to drink it (straight from the can or bottle), as well as its frothy and versatile flavors.

The Art of Making Beer

Not all people know that there are plenty of beer varieties. This is due to the wide range of ingredients that can be used in brewing beer, as well as the type of fermentation process each variety undergoes. One of the most important ingredients is hops. This is used to add flavor and as a stabilizing agent. If you are interested in making your own brew, below are some of the steps required:

  • You will need malt and sugar to make the wort or unfermented beer. These components are mixed and boiled. You can then add and stir in the hops. You can find bulk hops for sale online if you will be brewing several batches for local distribution.
  • Following the boiling of the wort, you must cool it before fermentation. You will need a carboy or a fermenter that has been properly sanitized to store the mixture. Add yeast on top, and then cover. A good shake of the container will help distribute the yeast. You must then store this in a cool place for about 14 days.
  • The last step is to transfer the beer into bottles. You will need a siphon, as well as corn syrup (or sugar) and water to carbonate your beer. Use the siphon to slowly transfer the beer from the fermenter into a bottle.

One of the most important parts to crafting your own brew is ensuring that everything is sanitized throughout the entire process. After all, you wouldn’t want any contamination to affect the product and ruin all your hard work. Lastly, have fun while you’re at it. Nothing compares to being able to make your favorite beverage right in the comfort of your facility.