Factors to Consider When Shopping Online for Barbering Shears

When kicking off your hairdressing career, one of the most important tools you will need is a pair of shears. These don’t usually come cheap. It is important to get your product right to ensure that the investment is worthwhile. In most cases, online sellers rely on the aesthetic appeal of their products to drive sales. If you go for the best looking pair in the market, you may end up missing out on functionality and quality. To avoid this, here are some essential specifications to consider when purchasing your first barber scissors online.

Quality of the Steel

Shears are made of different types of steel composites which determine their quality. Japanese steel is known to be of high quality. Japanese scissors are perceived as the gold standard in the industry. Hard steel is long-lasting and stays sharp longer. While stainless steel is the cheapest composite, it balances on the durability and hardness. Other high-grade composites include Cobalt and Damascus steel.

Shape of the Blade

There is much to a blade than its sharpness. Beveled shears have angled edge than the convex shears with a curved arc. Beveled shears, however, are cost-effective starter scissors. Their serrated teeth help grip hair and prevent it from sliding off. Shears with convex blades are more common for general cutting. Their finer blade shape allows smoother cutting. Although they can be sharpened with a finely-milled edge, they are a little more expensive. Avoid curved and bamboo leaf blades when starting off.


How comfortable the handles of your scissors are has a great bearing on the ease of usage. The wrong handle may cause pain and impede your work. Offset handles allow you to rest your hand in a natural position due to the comfortable placement of fingers. They minimise strain on your elbow and wrist. With swivel ring handles, you are able to rotate the placement of the thumb depending on the cutting angle so your hand remains stable. They are excellent for professionals who experience discomfort during point cutting.

When starting to build your styling kit, it is best to inspect the quality of the steel, blade and the feel of the handle before purchasing your shears online.