Four Foods to Serve at an Authentic Welsh Party

People at the party

If you are in Wales and want to throw a party, you might feel the pressure. Welsh people know what quality fun means, so you better deliver.

You need not fret, though. If you want to make sure your party does not flop, there is only one way to go — serve superb and traditional Welsh food, such as the following:

1. Hog Roast

The hog roast might not be the best-looking food there is, but it sure is tasty. And Welsh people are the first to vouch for this truth. This staple in Welsh parties can make or break gatherings, so make sure to serve only the best hog roast at your disposal.

2. Traditional Welsh Cakes

Made from simple ingredients such as flour, salted butter, caster sugar, egg, milk, and sultanas, these cakes have a rather distinct flavour. Your guests will surely clamor for them.

3. Cawl

A soupy dish should always be on the menu when you are throwing a party. In this regard, you cannot go wrong with the traditional Welsh cawl. A complete meal in itself, with meat and potatoes and what-not, this dish should satisfy your guests.

4. Welsh Rabbit

This is arguably the most popular among all Welsh dishes and thus should always make an appearance in all kinds of parties and gatherings. With savoury Welsh rabbit on your buffet table, no guests can ever complain.

Welsh people know how to party. They also know how to appreciate an invite to one. So do not worry if your decors do not go as planned or the weather does not cooperate. So long as you have the right food on the table, chances are that your guests will leave with smiles on their faces and plans to show up on your next soiree should they be invited again.