What Are Quality Cowboy Hats Made Of

cowboy hat with a lasso rope

There was a time when men and women were not considered fully dressed unless they wore hats. A hat denoted either the job of a person, the occasion, or his or her status in society. At the time, almost all the hats were custom-made or bought from hat shops that had all shapes and sizes. Nowadays, finding straw cowboy hats for sale can be an enjoyable activity.

Wearing Cowboy Hats

Cowboy hats are fashionable accessories when worn properly. They are made of different materials, including wool, felt, fur, leather, suede, palm leaves, and straw. Fur, wool, and leather hats are suitable for cold weather, while palm leaf and straw hats are best for warm weather. There are also different types of cowboy hats with specific characteristics. Even among the same type of hats, the owner can still change the shape of the brim. This level of personalization fits the individual characteristic of the hat. Some of the most common types of hats include the Cattleman, Brick, Gambler, Derby, Pinched Front, Gus, Tom Mix, and Open Crown. These hats differ in the height of the crown and the shape of the brim and creases. They have been inspired by different cultures, which still show in the shapes of today’s models. A case in point is the Derby, which is usually worn in the United Kingdom. Its American cousin is called the Western Derby, which has long brims with pronounced curls.

Finding Quality Hats

The X on a cowboy hat denotes its quality. On fur felt hats, the X indicates the percentage of the material in the finished product. A 6X fur felt hat means that the material used is about 60% felt fur. The higher the X number, the better the quality. On straw hats, the X indicates the quality of the weave, how tight the weave is, and how narrow the straw reed used. Tight straw weaves are given higher X marks.

Hats may not be as popular now as before, but the manufacturers continue to produce quality hats. Whether they are made of suede, leather, or straw, the quality is denoted by the X on them.