Choosing the Right BB Cream for Your Age

Woman applying bb cream

Many beauty product-using consumers out there love just how versatile BB creams are, particularly when it comes to how they go so well with other skin care and makeup products. The best BB creams in the market perform multiple functions, serving as a sunscreen, foundation, moisturiser and concealer, among several others.

Much thanks to these multitasking features, they can considerably shorten the amount of time spent on finishing a beauty regimen.

One thing to keep in mind though is that not all BB creams provide the same high-quality results. You need to practice caution, especially when selecting a high SPF BB cream, which you can purchase from different beauty stores like Bali Body. There are several considerations to make, one of the most important of which is age.

The ingredients of these products react differently to different types of skin. Because age considerably affects the natural elasticity and moisture of the skin, you need to base your choice on your particular age.

Between the ages of 20 and 40

Women within this age range may want BB creams with thinner consistencies. Although they have less moisturising capabilities, this is fine, seeing that their skin still has the suppleness that the skin of older people does not. To compensate for the thinner consistency, they have a greater absorption rate.

Look for a product that offers sheer coverage while also working great as a stand-alone cream or even when covered with foundation.

Those in their 40s or older

BB creams that deliver full coverage with the added benefit of anti-ageing properties are quite popular within this age bracket. Their fuller consistency also brings more moisturising benefits, which is now more essential, since the skin of older people have already lost quite a lot of moisture, and will continue doing so over time.

Always remember that BB creams vary in quality and benefits, so take as much time as possible before finalising your decision.