Combat Chronic Fatigue Syndrome with These Healthy Habits

Tiredness affects people of all ages, races, and sexuality. Having a busy lifestyle saps energy from us real quick, but significant periods of rest ensures we bounce back to face another. Chronic Fatigue Syndrome or CFS is a different, more complicated matter altogether.

As the name suggests, people who suffer CFS are in a constant state of exhaustion and does not go away entirely even after resting. Symptoms often consist of headaches, joint and muscle pain, tender lymph nodes, mild insomnia and even memory gaps.

It is highly recommended to see a doctor if you think you have CFS, but a few lifestyle adjustments and natural remedies may help relieve the worst of it.

Make healthy eating a habit

If the food you eat consists mostly of sugar and fat, it will result in drowsiness and decreased alertness instead of providing nourishment. Extensive consumption of sugary and fatty food can worsen CFS, not to mention a whole host of other health problems like diabetes.

Experts at Insight Nutrition say expanding your diet of fruits and veggies help a great deal in maintaining a healthy and sprightly body. Eat a heavy (nutritious) breakfast to ensure a steady supply of energy as your day progresses. Instead of three full-course meals, break them up into smaller, multiple portions you can eat periodically through the day.

Positive mind for a positive body

Studies have shown that stress is closely associated with CFS in patients. Reducing your stress and anxiety levels contribute immensely to preventing CFS aggravation over time.

Be mindful of stressors in your environment; whether it’s a demanding job, relationship troubles, or financial woes, it pays to know what causes you stress. Efficient time management at work, for example, decreases the time you spend distressed about deadlines and mounting paperwork. Make sure you stop worrying about projects and stuff when you get home.

Energize with physical activity

Overweight people are susceptible to some health issues, including CFS. Regular, measured exercise keeps vital organs like the heart and lungs performing at their optimal levels. Exercise also contributes to stress reduction by releasing endorphins, increasing feelings of happiness and decreasing painful sensations.

Chronic fatigue may have mysterious underlying causes, but the good news is there are ways of relieving it without resorting to medication. A doctor’s diagnosis still matters, but living healthy has more than its fair share of life-enriching benefits.