Countries Are Making a Pledge for Food Safety — and So Should You

Mold forming inside a jar of raspberry jam

If you’ve ever gotten a bad stomach after feasting on a scrumptious meal, it’s probably because the people in the restaurant didn’t store and prepare your food properly.

From a global perspective, food safety affects everyone. In fact, the Food Safety Information Council stated that there are roughly 5.4 million cases of food poisoning in Australia alone every year. As people eat thrice a day, pinpointing the culprit can be difficult. This can be resolved by improving food safety standards and implementation across the globe.

Raising the Awareness

Food industry giants from China, New Zealand, and Australia have come together to develop a system that will track the global supply chain of food products, ensuring a high sanitation standard from paddock to plate. The countries aim to improve the blockchain or the database for ordered records for export, as well as the safety standards of all goods to uphold integrity in the food sector.

Chinese consumers are demanding safer and higher quality products, remarked Christina Zhu, the president of Greater China. In developing and enhancing the trade policies between countries, China and the nations involved will receive better opportunities to grow and expand its export businesses.

A Testimony for Future Business Owners

It is important to own certificates for food safety when opening a food business. The industry is growing, and food safety is now more important than it ever was because of increased risks of contaminants and toxins affecting food quality due to mishandling.

If you’re thinking of putting up your own restaurant or food export business, make sure to hire a qualified and registered Food Safety Supervisor to monitor the safety of your food. Your Food Safety Supervisors will save you time and money by supervising your employees on enacting food safety measures, as well as training them to practice special hygiene procedures.

Remember that food requires more than just taste and presentation. It is one thing to be an excellent chef and another to be a safe chef — the best chef, however, knows that one attribute shouldn’t go without the other.