Cultivating Loyal and Dedicated Hospital Staff

Being part of a hospital whether as a nurse, hospitalist or physician entails a lot of stress, dedication, and hard work. Due to these workplace demands, hospitals experience some of the highest turnover rates in the medical industry. Keeping turnover rates at a minimum is essential in determining a hospital’s success. Here are four ways to do that.

Provide a Living Wage

Consider paying more than the minimum wage for employees that deserve the position. Do this by offering a living wage or a compensation level that allows them to afford adequate shelter, food, and other basic life necessities. Through this, you help your staff live a comfortable life despite the stress their work entails.

Practice Peer Interview

Apart from the essential hiring process conducted by nurse or hospitalist recruitment agencies like Emergency Staffing Solutions, it is also important to involve existing staff when hiring new employees. By taking in their input and ideas at the time of recruiting, you make them feel needed and valuable. Empower your people and make them brand ambassadors of your company.

Instill a Positive Culture

Hospitals that can create the right working culture have an advantage when it comes to attracting and keeping employees. Instill a positive culture in the workplace by establishing values such as honesty, excellence, attitude, respect, and teamwork. Medical directors as well as other organizational positions—non-physicians, for example—must heavily instill positive values to their colleagues.

Provide Opportunities for Growth

Hospitals must provide workshops, software, and other tools that can aid employees in increasing their knowledge and skill. It is important that they know what they want from their careers and that they know how to enhance their goal-setting efforts. Assign them adequate job challenges and recognize their strengths to make them feel that their position is not a dead end.

Dealing with attrition requires understanding and compromise between you and your employees. By instilling a positive culture and making them feel significant, you help your people cope with hospital demands while dwelling in a fun and productive workspace.