Highlights of the Newly Launched Invisalign Teen

Person Using Invisalign
Person Using Invisalign

Many people have experienced misaligned or crooked teeth, so you are not alone in the struggle to treat them. Your local Wimbledon orthodontist might suggest Invisalign, a modern orthodontic approach that makes use of removable custom-built aligners to re-align your teeth.

Generally, the advanced clear aligner system moves your teeth in a specific sequence until you reach the determined outcome. In certain cases, Class II correction is necessary to move the lower jaw while aligning the teeth to reach the said outcome. Fortunately, the recently launched Invisalign Teen with mandibular advancement may provide a better solution.

A Solution to Misalignment and Jaw Discrepancies

Align Technology recently announced the local launch of Invisalign Teen with mandibular advancement. The new clear aligner system is a solution for Class II correction among teen patients. It is a simple and efficient treatment option that disregards the use of elastics and other functional appliances to move the lower jaw forward while fixing misaligned teeth.

The alternative to jaw-aligning braces utilises upper and lower precision wings that mimic the action of Class II correction functional appliances. It addresses two orthodontic problems simultaneously, effectively reducing the overall treatment period for misalignment and mandible issues.

A Patient-Friendly Orthodontic Solution

The recently launched treatment is a patient-friendly solution of two orthodontic issues. It is a clinically proven, single-appliance option that does not require elastics. As such, it increases patient comfort during the treatment period.

Moreover, orthodontic patients can save treatment costs and time because it offers a solution to misaligned teeth and jaw discrepancies at the same time.

Invisalign Teen with mandibular advancement is a ground-breaking step in the field of orthodontics in general, and in clear aligner technology in particular. It efficiently and predictably treats the orthodontic issue that many teens face. Ask your local orthodontist about it today.