Minerals and Gemstones: The Newest and Greatest In Skincare

raw dead sea mineral

Taking care of your skin requires more than just slapping on a cheap moisturizer. If you want to see excellent, long-term results, then you have to invest more in your skincare regimen. There’s a huge difference between low to mid-range products and the high-end ones.

From branding to formula, luxury items offer much more in terms of quality and ingredients. If you’re on the hunt for the latest and greatest skincare products, skincare specialists such as Kedma Cosmetic’s are leading the way in new methods to revitalize your skin.

Dead Sea Minerals

Research shows that Dead Sea minerals have proven skin care benefits. For one, the calcium crystals soothe and relive skin cells. It is also a necessary ingredient for cleansing pores and strengthening cell membranes.

Meanwhile, the chloride in Dead Sea minerals helps balance a cell’s metabolic pathways and improve its overall metabolism for a youthful glow. All of these are found in several brands of body butter, as the cream locks in moisture and stimulates cellular growth for a firmer, more radiant skin. It’s ideal for people who suffer from dry skin.

Ruby & Pearl

Beyond sheer ornamental beauty and monetary value, rubies actually play a role in self-care. When crushed and added to skincare products, rubies can treat a skin infection, tighten the skin, and improve blood circulation. Another powerful ingredient for skincare is pearl, which is well-known to enhance the complexion and boost body enzymes.

By mixing ruby and pearl extracts, the result is an intense purification exfoliating mask. Use it twice a week for a softer, clearer skin. The active ingredients from rubies help invigorate the skin while the pearls gently exfoliate dead skin cells for an even clean.

When it comes to skincare, you really get your money’s worth. Gemstones from the bottom of the ocean and jewels may sound lavish for skin treatment, but they are extremely effective as far as natural remedies go. Add these products to your regimen and see results in no time.