Modern Heat Therapy Can Help Relieve Your Chronic Pain

A senior man clutching his back in pain

Heat therapy has been proven useful for certain medical procedures and in treating various health conditions. From reducing chronic body pain to sealing off blood vessels, this technique is revolutionising the medical practice.

For thousands of years, humanity has recognised the incredible therapeutic benefits of heat, as evidenced by hot spring bathhouses of ancient Romans. Today, the same principle is used, albeit in a much-advanced level, countless applications, and using state-of-the-art equipment or mediums. The diathermy generator is one such equipment. It takes heat therapy to the next level by becoming a useful tool in various medical procedures. So, what exactly are the uses of a diathermy generator?


Many doctors use diathermy equipment to seal blood vessels during a surgical procedure using electrically heated probes. This method has been proven to be very effective in preventing excessive bleeding. According to Encyclopaedia Britannica, the technique is particularly useful in delicate surgical procedures like eye surgery and neurosurgery. Doctors have also been known to use diathermy machines to neutralise infected tissues and kill abnormal growths like warts or tumors.

Pain Relief

There is some diathermy equipment used by doctors to treat various bodily pains like those caused by kidney stones. Other physicians also use this kind of machine to treat pain resulting from pelvic infections. Medical practitioners use diathermy equipment to generate heat from within the target area, achieved through a high-frequency electromagnetic pulse or energy waves that continuously pound the affected area. In some cases, this type of machine and technique can also relieve pain that results from muscle spasms and sinusitis.

Other Benefits

There are also some doctors that use diathermy machines to treat a series of chronic and other regular pains. If you have had arthritis, try to ask your physician if you can undergo treatment using diathermy equipment. In such procedure, the machine will heat the joints in your hands and feet. According to the Transport Accident Commission, this can bring almost immediate relief to the pain brought by chronic ailments like osteoarthritis.

There are many other applications where diathermy machines have been proven to be very useful. Patients who experienced this type of heat therapy state that they feel more flexibility in the affected area after treatment. There are also those who report that the pain they feel after surgery is not that bad. With diathermy equipment, treating various pain and other health problems have become a bit easier.