Unacceptable Myths Surrounding Lasik Eye Surgery

Misconceptions are dangerous to anyone’s health, particularly when it involves your eyes. Most of the time, people will delay procedures or endure eye problems because of misinformation. Some may keep themselves from getting the help they need due to the fear of undergoing a specific eye procedure. Busting these myths once and for all can help create a positive change in a person’s life.

Lasik eye surgery is one of those procedures most people have no clear understanding of. Here are some things people might still believe about the procedure:

Myth #1: It is painful

Most people would be averted to the idea of Lasik due to the potential pain it may bring. After all, a simple dust in your eye causes tremendous irritation and pain. What more if it involves using or inserting surgical equipment in your eye.

In reality, the procedure is painless. Eye doctors provide you with anesthetic drops and a mild sedative to keep the procedure pain-free.

Myth #2: Lasers cut through things

Whenever you hear the word laser, you always imagine the powerful red ray of light you see in the movies. Not all lasers are the same. What you might know are only those that are used to cut objects or print on paper.

The excimer lasers used in the procedure have the ability to peel off very thin layers of skin or tissue without damaging the layers underneath them. The laser does not perforate through the rest of your body as you may have imagined. In addition, this type of laser does not use heat; the machine emits a cool beam instead.

Fighting misinformation is possible by directly going to the source instead of reading reviews from uninformed people online. Set an appointment with an ophthalmologist and see if you are a good candidate for Lasik eye surgery. End your inability to see clearly with a quick and painless procedure such as this one.