Waxing 101: Tips for Getting the Perfect Wax

waxing process of the underarm

Keeping unwanted hair at bay is a constant battle. One ideal option for getting rid of annoying hair is waxing. Waxing lasts for an extended period and averts ingrown hairs typical with other hair removal techniques.

There are various DIY sugaring kits and waxing strips available but letting a professional handle your waxing is your best bet for a close wax. Hair removal experts at a Tauranga spa combine high-quality products, experience, and expertise to give you the perfect wax. Here are some preparation tips to maximise this.


Waxing might feel like a method of skin exfoliation but in reality, only gets rid of your hair. Excessive build-up of dirt left by not exfoliating blocks your hair follicles and makes it harder for the wax to cling to your hair. This might cause the waxing to leave behind some parts of hair after waxing and shorten your sessions between waxing.

Do not shave

Most people erroneously believe that shaving before your waxing session will lead to an optimal wax. This is not true since shaving will shorten your hair before the session. As a result, the wax will not adhere very well to your hair follicles, and this minimises your chances of a close wax and shortens your time between waxing sessions.

Get rid of pimples and bumps

A smooth skin assures you of a better adherence of the wax and a close shave. To ensure this, get rid of pimples and bumps by use of a suitable cleanser before your session. Regular cleansing with a salicylic acid-containing cleanser is effective in opening up your pores and maintaining smooth skin.

If you are apprehensive about waxing because of the discomfort and pain, there is a new trend to beat this. Your beautician can use creams applied about 20 minutes before your session to numb your pain. There is then no excuse not to wax and enjoy stubble-free smooth skin.