What do People Talk About After a Visit to the Dentist in Leybourne?

man undergoing cosmetic dentistry procedureThey say that, when people experience good service, they tell half as many people about it than if they experience bad service. That’s why someone might hear more disaster stories about visiting the dentist than they do positive ones. The reality is that a visit to the dentist can be empowering and make someone feel good because they are taking care of the things that their body’s needs.

When people visit a good dentist in Leybourne, like One Smile Oral Care, they really notice the difference and want to tell their friends about it. People are often surprised by an easy visit to the dentist because of the bad press surrounding dental care. There are plenty of dentists who are working to change this idea though, by ensuring that they meet some of the high standards discussed below.

Broad treatment range

Modern websites give the dentist in Leybourne a chance to show off their treatment range. Dentistry has long transcended the point where it’s all about care and repair. There are now plenty of options for putting a sparkle back in a smile.

Most dentists are happy to talk through their treatments with patients. They can also suggest improvements to the smile in a way that is helpful and supportive, without trying to push any particular procedure.

Going above and beyond

At some practices, people can go beyond improvements to the teeth. Facial aesthetic treatments, including Botox and dermal fillers, are readily available for those who want to rejuvenate the appearance of their skin. These treatments can compliment improvements to the teeth and form part of a full facial makeover.


There are three primary goals for technology at the dentist in Leybourne. Improving the accuracy of treatments, making procedures more comfortable or getting results in a shorter amount of time.

For example, CEREC® is used to make and place crowns in the dentist’s chair. This avoids the need for two appointments to have a crown fitted. The improved accuracy also means the restoration is likely to last longer. This avoids the need for unnecessary appointments and expenses further down the line.