4 Clever Ideas to Take Your House from Drab to Fab

Luxurious House

Renovating your house doesn’t need to be a frustrating, expensive ordeal. With these incredibly simple strategies, you can make the project easy, quick, and cheap.

Start with your kitchen

You’ve heard it before: The kitchen is the heart and soul of every home. An elegant, functional kitchen is one of the first things most home buyers look for. Seek ideas on designer kitchens in Brisbane to get inspiration. Replace outdated, flimsy and dirty handles, taps, and other hardware. Ensure kitchen appliances are functioning well too.

Create more open space

Contemporary homes are adopting an open floor plan where the living room, kitchen, and dining room share one space. Formal dining rooms are rapidly disappearing. Look for a way to create more open space in your house. You need not tear down walls to achieve this. You can removed-clutter your rooms by removing massive furnishings that consume a lot of space. If the space still looks small, use strategically-placed mirrors to give it the illusion of being bigger.

Use the power of light

Poor lighting will make your room seem much smaller and crowded than it is. A well-lit room, on the other hand, appears open, attractive, and inviting.  Replace old, dim light fixtures with stylish bright ones to fill your house with life and magic.

New paint job

Nothing transforms a house from drab to awesome as quickly as a fresh coat of paint. Decide which colours work best with your house. Depending on the mood you want to create in your room, you can safely choose between bright and dark colours. Consider adding a clean coat of paint on the furniture too, if you feel that is needed.

Giving your house a facelift needs not cost you a lot of time and money. If you stick to a smart strategy, you can make your house much more appealing and cosy the family and guests.

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