4 Steps to Making Your Home Rodent-Proof

two rodents

No one wants to share his or her house with rats, especially when it’s winter when they’re seeking a warm place to stay. Commercial pest control experts in Salt Lake City share the following tips on how to keep rats away from your home.

Check your home’s foundation

To ensure that your home is rodent-proof, start inspecting your property’s foundation. See if there are any holes large enough to let rodents come in and ensure that it’s blocked. One great way of blocking is with a wire mesh or even black foam.

Inspect your roof

Your home’s roof should be well examined for any signs of vermin as well. Check the shingles, chimneys, and ventilators for any gap breakage or leak. You should also check if the chimney doesn’t have any cracks that may let rodents in.

Pay attention to your garden

You should also properly inspect the garden and ensure that there are no piles of rubbish or any overgrowth that can be an ideal location for rats to thrive.

Avoid having any clutter

Rodent proofing requires adequate cleanliness, especially where you store your food. You should keep all the concealed areas in your kitchen clean and free of any unsealed leftovers. As much as possible, avoid clutter to prevent attracting rodents.

These are just a few easy tips on how to keep rodents away from your house. It’s important to clean up your house¬†regularly to ensure that no rodent will be attracted to it. Rodents tend to thrive in dirty and unkempt locations so ensure that your house is clutter-free and that any food is neatly stored.