DIY: How to Repair Your Water Softener at Home

Water being poured into a glass

Salt Lake City mainly has salty water in its supply due to its proximity to the Great Salt Lake. Knowing how unusable salty water can get, having water softeners and purifiers is a need and not a luxury in every home or business establishment in the city. Being in constant use, however, these purifiers may break down once in a while. While some problems may require you to get the services of water softener repair experts in Salt Lake City like Kinetico Utah, it also helps to know how you can do the repairs yourself.

Unplug all power connections

All water softener repairs start with this step. Before working on any electric device, always make sure the power is off to avoid electric shocks. Your safety comes first.

Clean the brine tank

Also called the salt tank, the brine tank is where the untreated water collects as it waits to go through the purification process. Using a broomstick, break up the salt that has formed and wash the tank thoroughly with soap and water.

Clean the resin bed

This is the purification tank. Run your softener through a manual regeneration to purge the wastewater away. This is done by removing the cover from the control valve and finding the regeneration knob.

Run pressure water through the resin tank injector

A hardpan may form in the injector due to high salt levels, blocking it. First, block the incoming water then release the water that is already in. After that, run clean water through it.

Before deciding to replace a purifier, confirm first that it can no longer be repaired. It’s cheaper to repair than to replace. However, consult a professional if you are not sure of what to do. Also, try to maintain your purifier through regular clean-ups. You don’t have to wait for it to clog before you clean it.