First Impressions: Gate and Fence Designs

When someone visits your home, the first things he or she notices are your garden, lawn, fences, and gate. A manicured lawn is usually said to be maintained by a person who is neat and takes care of his properties well. Conversely, different metal fence designs, such as clean lines for a minimalist style or elaborate curves for a chic look, can define the personality of the homeowner.

Here are usual first impressions for different fences for residential and industrial properties:

Residential gates and fences

Some picket fence tops include designs that warn individuals to keep out of the property.  Examples are pressed spears with a sharp and pointed top. Meanwhile, minimalists usually prefer the geometric flat cap rugged design with its straight lines. For the charming rustic look, metal fence installers attach the fence to wood posts. Sometimes, cedar posts or high metal arbors are added behind gates to achieve that elegant façade.

Industrial gates and fences

The goal of industrial fences is mostly to keep a property secure and private. Industrial businesses, for instance, usually go for curved picket security fencing and gates. People who see sturdy gates with heavy-duty gate hinges are usually deterred from attempting trespassing. For privacy, wood planks to aluminum fencing can also be added.

Every item has its own use and charm. A fence may ensure safety, and a gate may be likened to a selective filter that chooses who and which comes in and out of the property. Despite that snap judgment a person makes on the first impression, it is equally important to also give other persons the benefit of the doubt.