Is Your AC Making You Sick? Here’s What You Should Know

The jury’s still out on whether your air conditioner is causing common cold out of season. Like with anything that could potentially cause any problems, however, people are already careful. In this case, it’s for the best. Though this doesn’t mean you should stop using an air conditioner–who would survive that in Salt Lake City, really?–this means being more careful about what you do with the appliance.

Clean the AC Regularly

If you’re wondering why you need frequent AC repair, Action Plumbing suggests you take a look at your cleaning habits. Air conditioners, just like other appliances, need maintenance. That means regular cleaning to make sure you’re not circulating dirty air around the house. Remember, everyone in the house could have picked up allergens from outside the house, and the AC could be distributing those allergens into various rooms. And you wonder why you always get sick.

Replace Air Filters

Dirty filters compromise air quality by not giving you clean air. The filters themselves could gather enough dirt to make a person with a weak immune system sick; in some people, it can trigger asthma and other problems. Keep stock of air filters to replace your dirty ones. You shouldn’t have to do this often if you clean the house and the appliance regularly, but it still pays to be prepared.

Use the Correct Temperature Settings

The air conditioner may not be making you sick, but the temperature difference indoors and outdoors could be. Your body needs to adjust to the temperature difference, and if you’ve set your AC to be too high or too low, that could make you sick. It’s recommended that you keep the AC settings as close to the regular temperature as you can while still being comfortable.

There’s no definite proof that your AC is making you sick, but one thing’s for sure. Anything that isn’t cleaned properly will have that effect on your health.