Patterned Like Provence: French Country Décor For Homeowners

Mediterranean Patio with French Doors

Decorating your new house – or redecorating your current one – is exciting. You get to pick out designs that reflect your personality and make the property feel more like home.

Do you have a penchant for toile? Do you find whitewashed wooden surfaces easy on the eyes? Do you want a display of blue-and-white porcelain? If so, French Country may just be the type of interior design for your home. You may accentuate the bedroom, the living room, and the kitchen with its various features.

Go for Understated Elegance in the Bedroom

French Country décor exudes understated elegance. As design experts at Copper Loom tell us, this style gives off a sense of rustic warmth and peace. It also emanates timelessness and trendiness.

It makes sense, then, for you to incorporate French Country-inspired beddings that use toile patterns or fleur de lis prints (another popular French motif). Apart from matching your style preference, the calming effect could make you sleep better. In fact, it could even make you feel like you woke up on a Provence holiday!

Use Whitewashed Furniture in the Living Room

The living room design requires a lot of thought because the room is the most public space in your property. It’s where your date waits while you grab your purse. It’s where your friends hang out during days off. It’s also where the family gathers when necessary.

Make the living room exude a French Country atmosphere by using whitewashed wooden furniture, which is practically a trademark of the style. Furthermore, avoid heavy drapes in favor of lacy panels.

Display Your Blue-and-White Porcelain Collection in the Kitchen

Blue-and-white porcelain is a classic example of French Country décor. As such, give your kitchen a rustic French ambiance by displaying your collection on a shelf. You could make it feel more genuine by having a blue cabinet and a whitewashed wooden breakfast table, too.

French Country is not a difficult style to emanate. Incorporate it the interior design of your bedroom, living room, and kitchen. The rest will follow.