Prepare the Fireplace This Season — Here Are Simple Tips


Due to the affordability and elegance it brings, many families still use conventional fireplaces in keeping them warm during the cold months. It’s important to prepare your fireplace, especially if you haven’t used it for a while.

Though there are fireplace contractors you can contact, there are simple ways you can do to prep it just in time to make your nights warmer this holiday season.

Preparation makes the fireplace functional.

Like many things, the fireplace needs some pampering for it to become functional in providing you warmth and keeping your holiday season enjoyable while your family stays indoors. Authentic Provence advises that before you adorn that lovely French fireplace mantel with holiday decors, eliminate all the burnt logs and ashes.

Brush off any dirt from the damper and check the flue for any possible blockage.

In case you’re using cleaning chemicals such as muriatic acid, make sure to wear rubber gloves and a face mask. Consider working with a fireplace contractor if smoke from a matchstick doesn’t go up the chimney.

A servicer may help you clean your chimney if soot has already accumulated. They can check if the bricks are still in good condition.

You need to observe fireplace safety measures this season.

It’s important to note that you should not use the fireplace longer than five hours. Only use woods designed for fireplace use. If you have small children around, don’t let them get near the fireplace as they could sustain burn injuries.

Keeping the fireplace screen closed during use is advisable to avoid decors and furniture from catching fire. Regularly clean your firebox and avoid using a vacuum as it could still have live coal in it.

Prepping your fireplace is important to keep it functional in keeping your family warm this winter. Although there are things you can do to clean your chimney and fireplace, hiring a service provider is worth considering if your fireplace needs a thorough inspection.