Remove the Top 3 Common Carpet Problems Using These Home Products

Woman sitting on carpet watching TV

Regardless of all the precautions you do, accidents may still happen. The same thing is true to your indoors despite your efforts to maintain its cleanliness. Don’t fret, though. Anchor Water Damage and Restoration noted that you could find many businesses offering professional restoration services in the Salt Lake County and its surrounding areas.

Be it carpet cleaning, disaster cleanup and restoration, or simply having a routine general cleaning, there are experts who can bring back the beauty of your house. But did you know that (to some extent) you could still maintain the cleanliness of your house, or at least do a little work to reduce the payments you make to professionals? Take for example cleaning up your carpet.

Stain Removal Solutions

You’ll be amazed at how ordinary household products could help remove stains on your precious carpet. Mixed up with warm water, liquid dishwashing detergents, vinegar, ammonia, or nail polish remover can turn into stain removal solutions.

A cloth soaked with club soda can also be used to blot the stain. Another option is to apply shaving cream directly to the stain and let it set for 30 minutes before blotting it dry with a clean cloth.

Chewing Gum

The second most common carpet problem is removing chewing gum. Unlike removing dirt and stain, there are no home products you can use as a mixture or solution to remove it other than ice cubes. Let it freeze and carefully lift it using a spoon. You might find it hard to remove the gum entirely, so just cut it as close to the gum as possible so it won’t be noticeable.

Candle Wax Drip

If you dripped candle wax on the carpet accidentally, use a clothes iron and a clean white towel. Put the towel on top of the wax and like ironing clothes, place the iron on top to melt the wax and then scrape with a butter knife. You may need to redo this process for a couple of times until the wax is completely removed.

Keeping your carpet in good condition is easy. All you need is to put a little effort to avoid stains from getting worse and call experts to make sure that the carpet is clean deep down.