Safe and Sound: Creating a Risk-Free Nursery Room

a mother and her child

The nursery is a safe haven for children. As parents, ensuring the safety of your child within the room is paramount. Because the truth is, even if it has those cute animal cartoon wallpapers and pinks and blues all over, there are risks in a space spent alone by children. When designing a nursery, the goal is to prevent those risks. Simple prevention like avoiding stacking toys too high that they might fall and hurt your child can minimize those risks besides these tips.

For windows

Usually, nursery cribs are placed near windows, especially with a small space, to let in more natural light. But if you could place the child’s sleeping and play area away from windows. Infants sometimes climb up the windows, and that could be a cause of serious fall injuries.

Also, most window treatments have cords, which can cause choking and suffocation as well. If you’re a New Jersey resident, its better to go cordless when dressing up your windows, go cordless. You may choose to have remote controlled blinds or motorized shades.

For cribs

When buying cribs, make sure the products are compliant to safety standards the government issued. As you assemble the crib, follow the instructions in the manual. Remember that each of those screws and bolts should be installed properly. If you’re not sure how to do it, call for an expert. Check every now and then the parts of the cribs so you can see if there are items that got broken or loose.

Suffocation during sleep is common among infants. To prevent that, avoid using thick quilts and pillows in their cribs. Also, avoid leaving toys as well in their sleeping area.

For power sockets

Electrical outlets pose risks to babies as well. Place plug protectors in those sockets. Make sure that you buy the type that covers the whole outlet because some kids can remove them.

It’s also important to tuck away electrical cords as much as possible. Be sure not to leave phone chargers or earphones at their reach.

The nursery room should be a safe place for your child to play and learn.