Top Ways to Minimize Flood Damage in Your Home

Flooded floor

Damages worth billions of dollars are reported every year because of floods. According to the National Severe Storms Laboratory, floods are the most common weather-related natural disasters. For most homeowners, the cost of flood damage and clearing can be high, especially if they do not have insurance.

Thankfully, there are ways to minimize the risk of flood damage in Salt Lake City. Here are some of them:

Keep a sump pump and inspect it regularly

During flooding, water can collect and form a basin in your crawl space or basement. A sump pump will help remove this water to prevent the growth of mold and mildew. While it is quite costly, it saves thousands of dollars in damages, making it a worthy investment for homes that are prone to flooding.

Move appliances and valuables to a higher ground

Elevating your belongings is among the best ways to protect them against flood damage. As such, ensure that you keep your valuable possessions above the ground. Do not store items on the floors and ground level areas. Appliances, such as dryers and washing machines, should be kept at least two feet off the ground. To maximize the safety of your documents, make sure you keep them and some copies in an elevated fire and waterproof storage.

Turn off electricity

During or after a flood, your home’s electrical system may pose a danger of electric shock. Turn off electricity in all parts of your house and do not walk in floodwater to prevent untoward incidents.

The most effective approach to flooding is proper preparation. Therefore, prepare yourself and your loved ones long before the water starts spilling in. Ensure that you have a flood checklist and an evacuation plan.