Types of Kitchen Layouts

a modern kitchen

Nowadays, kitchens can hold multiple cooks and function as a multipurpose room that can accommodate the whole family.

Professionals such as Serenity Kitchen and Bath know that your preferred layout dramatically influences your kitchen renovation project. This is because the design determines how you socialize, cook, and eat in the kitchen. This article highlights various kitchen layouts to inspire you during your kitchen remodeling.

Galley Kitchen Layout

There are two categories of the galley layout. These are namely double or single galley, with either one or two rows of cabinets facing each other. They are best suited for small kitchens, and they offer useful storage space for small areas. However, this layout does not provide dining space, which might make the cook feel disconnected from the rest of the family.

L-shaped Layout

This type is mostly built into corners, and it offers plenty of counter space. It is best utilized on small to medium-sized kitchens. If you have extra space, you can incorporate a small dining area. L-shaped layouts are mostly used in open-plan kitchens and living rooms. They give you the liberty to entertain your guests or family while you still perform your duties in the kitchen.

U-shaped Layout

This kitchen layout surrounds the user on three sides, creating a perfect space for keen cooks as it ensures that all cooking equipment and utensils are within your reach. It provides more counter top space when compared to a galley kitchen and is highly efficient. However, this layout is typically small; it has no room for chairs and tables.

A kitchen can be very expensive if you get your layout wrong. Hence, unless you have plenty of space or you are building a new kitchen from scratch, think of how you can adjust your current space to meet your needs.