Why You Should Do a Custom Kitchen Remodel

Fully furnished and stylish kitchen

The kitchen and bathroom are the two rooms that get the most use in any home. So it makes sense to think about remodeling one or both of them if you have any extra cash. Experts from Accent Interiors share the top reasons you should go for a custom kitchen remodel in your Salt Lake City home.

Better returns

If you are planning to sell your house anytime soon, you are better off remodeling your kitchen. It has a better return on investment than a bathroom remodeling. Home experts say you can get back 80% of a minor kitchen remodel, and about 65% on a major remodel when you sell your house. It does not seem a lot, but a newly remodeled kitchen can make or break a sale.

Better design

A kitchen remodel is a good idea even if you do not plan to sell your house anytime soon. If your kitchen is a few years old, chances are it is outdated in some ways. You can update your kitchen design to reflect your personality and the times better. You may not even have to do very much if your cabinets and appliances are still in good condition. You may just need a better layout, a new paint job, or new counters.

Better storage

Storage is important in a kitchen, yet many kitchens do not have enough. When you remodel your kitchen, you can put in as much storage space you need or want. You can even have custom cabinets. There are some clever storage designs out there that can make your kitchen more space efficient. You want that especially if you have a small kitchen.

A custom kitchen remodel may be just what you need to make your house a better home. Better returns, design and storage are just some of the top reasons you should invest in one.