3 Expert Tips from Professional Wedding Planners

A checklist for a wedding plan

Brides might feel inclined to immediately rush out and start hiring people and services they might need the moment they are engaged. However, never do anything in a rush. Do not even buy your wedding gown so soon. It is best to take things slow and let it all sink in.

Before paying for or hiring anyone, it is probably best for you and your groom to sit down, come up with a plan, and list everything you want. After laying out a foundation for your plan, Aimee Dunne Ltd noted that the next step should be to hire a professional wedding planner to help make your plans a reality.

Whether you dream of having a luxury wedding in London like that of Kate Middleton and Prince William or a classy and elegant one like that of Nicky Hilton’s, a wedding planner will help you achieve the wedding that you want. Here is some advice from professional wedding planners:

The big picture comes first

At the first stage of planning, do not stress too much on the details. Instead, envision first what kind of wedding you want — venue, food, and theme — and what you want to be included. You will find that the details will fall neatly into place once you have a general idea of where you want to go.

Check wedding blackout dates

You do not want you, your groom, and your guests to be stuck in traffic on your most special day. Check in advance if there is anything happening on your chosen date, which could affect traffic or the availability of hotels.

Take things one step at a time

Create a timeline of the things that would occur, starting from at least a few months before your big day. List things that need to be done, so you can take enough time for each of them. It will help you keep track of things as well as avoid having to juggle too many things at once.

Your wedding should be a day to remember. Start the preparations early and do not rush your decisions. Make sure you are always confident in your choices, so you will not have to stress yourself on the day itself.