3 Reasons Barn Weddings are Popular

According to figures, about 2.3 million weddings happen every year in the U.S. If you’re among those who plan to tie the knot this year, you’re probably looking for the right wedding venue as early as you can — and you should.

Here are some reasons you should consider getting married in a barn. Keep these in mind if you’re searching for barn venues for weddings in Minnesota:

It’s a blank canvas.

Similar to how many people choose to rent a party tent for weddings, a barn is like a beautiful blank canvas that you can style any way you want. Unlike tents that are almost always white, however, barns are bare yet have that unique farm charm you can work around with. It already has its own unique character, which you can develop into something truly beautiful.

It’s charming.

Barn weddings feel more charming with the right stylist. In fact, even if it’s just DIY, you can replicate that amazing authentic farm charm you saw on Pinterest. It’s beautiful in its own way. Imagine exchanging your “I do’s.” in a private, semi-secluded location with history-rich structures and farm animals grazing in the distance. There’s a lot of photo opportunities in every direction, too.

The glorious outdoors.

If you’re fond of outdoor weddings, then you should consider a barn venue as an alternative to a garden or beach venue. There are many family-owned and operated barns that offer glorious gardens and sprawling rice fields, which you can work with for that on-the-day photo session.

If you and your partner are fond of the great outdoors, keep these in mind if you’re trying to decide if a barn wedding is for you. Moreover, do take your time in researching your wedding venue because it’s one of the most important elements in your wedding party’s success.