3 Reasons Retirees Should Learn to Play a Musical Instrument

Someone playing the piano

Now that you’re about to retire, it’s also time to go through your bucket list and life goals because you now have the time to finish them. However, do add “learn music” into your senior to-do list and it’s not just because you want to show off. There are a great number of benefits to learning music during your retirement years and here are some of them:

Increases Mental Capacity

Aside from building new-found confidence and learning a new skill, playing an instrument can sharpen one’s mental capabilities. Dr. Jennifer MacRichie of Western Sydney University has recently made a study under MARC’s Institute for Brain, Behaviour and Development that proves musical training gives the elderly a number of positive advantages. True, old age will still affect one’s gray matter eventually, but creating music can delay the inevitable.

Better Physical Coordination

According to studies, music improves mind and body coordination of any age group. Therefore, the physical benefits that it can offer retirees in Wisconsin, or from anywhere else for that matter, should be taken seriously. Faster finger, hand and arm movements are noticeable with players of digital pianos and wielders of stringed instruments. This is especially true as well when playing with a group since everyone has to work as one to complete a musical piece.

It’s Fun and Relaxing

The essence of one’s retirement will always involve enjoyment and relaxation. Music has been proven to soothe the senses, energize the body, and motivate the mind. Moreover, you can have fun singing or playing an instrument on your own or call a few friends for a jamming session. After all, there’s a different kind of connection between musicians that goes beyond the creative.

Perhaps the most favored advantage of learning a musical instrument is the chance to express oneself without having to use words. Creativity and artistry are heard in every melody that touches both the musician and their audience. If you haven’t experienced the beauty and benefits of creating music before, this is your chance.