3 Things to Secure for Your Rustic-Themed Wedding

Bride and groom dancing in rustic barn

You and your partner may have chosen a rustic theme or country-inspired wedding for your big day. As you go into the details of planning, here are the top three things you must secure for your wedding day.

1. Choose a Barn Venue

The first on your list is securing a barn venue for your wedding. Barn venues are perfect for your rustic-themed wedding. For instance, here in Minnesota, there are events places that are open all year round. These places can provide heating or air conditioning, a seating capacity of up to 500 for ceremony or reception, and large bridal and groom changing areas, among others.

2. Conceptualize Rustic Wedding Decorations and Giveaways

After choosing a barn venue, you can get started on finding the right wedding decorations and giveaways.

You can transform the barn into a rustic venue with infinite possibilities for breathtaking photos and homespun details, such as D.I.Y. mason jar flowers, wooden signs, romantic string lights, and the like. Moreover, for a rustic feels touch, you can opt for personalized honey, hot chocolate mix, or mini plants as your giveaways. Be sure to coordinate with your wedding planner to help you put together these rustic wedding decorations and giveaways.

3. Add Rustic-Inspired Details to Your Wedding Attire

Lastly, apart from choosing a venue and conceptualizing your wedding decorations and giveaways, you have to secure a rustic touch to your wedding attire. This may mean choosing rustic colors for the dresses and attires of your bridesmaids and groomsmen. You can also opt to have western vests for the guys and boots for the ladies. These details add a rustic touch to your wedding.

From choosing a barn venue to planning out your wedding decors and giveaways to adding a rustic touch to your wedding attire, you can easily have the wedding of your dreams.