4 Sweaters and Cardigans You Should Wear This Fall 2017

A woman is wearing a sweater for autumnIt’s now time to put your tank tops and shorts back in the deep end of your closet. But the arrival of colder weather doesn’t mean you can no longer show off your style. Besides, the winter isn’t here yet; so, while you can’t exactly don your summer faves, you don’t need to hide under layers of jackets, winter coats, and parkas, just yet. Instead, up your sweater game this fall! Read on to know the latest trends in women’s sweaters and cardigans this season:

  1. Soft Cotton Square Cardigans

Cardigans are part of classic fall wear, but if you want a modern twist on the classic, check out the trendy soft cotton square cardigans. With its seemingly odd shape and oversized fit, the soft cotton square cardigan matches the fall 2017 trend toward large, cozy sweaters.

  1. Mock-Neck Sweaters

Mock-neck sweaters are often large yet they aren’t too baggy to ruin your look. No wonder they are one of the popular sweater styles this season! More importantly, the mock-neck sweaters are comfortable to wear, and they look good for both casual and classy occasions, as advised by the fashion experts of Styles for Less. Plus, the mock neck will help keep you warm while enjoying hayrides or staying in a drafty apartment.

  1.  Lace-up Neckline Sweaters

Just like the two above, lace-up neckline sweaters are large and cozy to wear, making them ideal to flaunt this season. Also, with a lace-up neckline, these sweaters look more stylish than your go-to basic knits. So, you’d definitely up your sweater game if you buy a pair or two of these lace-up neckline sweaters.

  1.  Achromatic Sweaters

With no colors other than white or black, achromatic sweaters look like they are oversized and loose-fitting clothing—and that matches the trend this season. Moreover, these sweaters are modern, stylish, and perfect for any of your plans for the day.

These sweaters and cardigans will take you through the fall months in style! So, make sure to check them out on the fall collection of your favorite local and online store.