5 Signs your Hair Cutting Shears Need Sharpening

Haircutting tools

Shears are an important tool for any hair stylist. While owning a quality pair will go a long way in easing your work and satisfying the client, it doesn’t count much if they are not sharp enough. Well functioning ones, on the other hand, facilitate quality services, which, in turn, grow your client base. Companies like Scissor Tech UK make sure you’re well equipped with the right tools.

For optimum performance, it is necessary to know what to look out for. We discuss five signs that indicate it is time to sharpen your shears.

1. Hair Pulls or Pinches

Any stylist knows how inconvenient a nick or bur on the edge is. It makes hair seem like it is being pulled or pinched thus giving the client an unpleasant experience. A nick can form if you drop your shears or if you use them on non-human hair. If you experience pulling or pinching when using them, sharpen your scissors to smoothen them.

2. Folding or Bending of Hair

Hair shears that bend the hair might be caused by loose tension. However, if after adjusting the tension the hair still bends, then your shears are dull and need sharpening.

3. Cutting the Hair Produces Noise Louder Than Normal

If cutting hair produces a crunchy noise, it shows that your scissors are not working as they should and that there is some strain. Sharpening will offer a smooth cut and bearable sound.

4. It Only Takes a Few Haircuts for the Shears to Dull Again

If your shears dull after a few haircuts following the previous sharpening, they may not have been correctly sharpened. Well sharpened shears should last long as they did originally. In this case, change your servicing agent and ensure it is done by a professional.

5. Hair Cutting Becomes Laborious

When the shears are dull, there is a need to exert more force as the usual flow of force won’t get it done. As a result, your thumb and wrist will feel strained. Sharpening will help solve this.

Keeping your tools of trade in good condition enhances optimal performance. Sharp hair cutting scissors do not only make work easy and enjoyable, but also go a long way in satisfying your clients.