Choosing the Venue: A Guide to Making Your Wedding Singular

groom and bride kissing inside wedding marquee

All weddings differ in their own way, and most couples will want theirs to stand out. You’re no exception. You can use UK wedding trends on receptions, flowers and bridal gowns to guide your choices. But a good start to creating a unique wedding is to pick your venue.

Some people choose to get married in a church, garden or beach. But with many couples looking for extraordinary places to exchange vows, you’ll find several options for a memorable UK wedding. Here are just a couple worthy selections:

Unusual Places

If you crave adventure and truly want to ‘break out’ of traditional ceremonies, then you could consider an awe-inspiring venue for weddings in Bodmin, which is where daring couples go to arrange one-of-a-kind nuptials in a haunted place. The venue isn’t just suited for weddings that are a bit dark; certain venue features can also work for traditional weddings, but with a bit of edge.

The beauty of heading to Bodmin is the access to other interesting sights. The historic town in Cornwall has plenty of character, with multiple attractions within walking distance. Your guests can stay for the weekend to explore the area while you and your spouse head out for the honeymoon.

Historical Places

Historic places can lend an interesting twist to your celebration with their sprawling grounds and grand buildings. These venues also photograph well, making your wedding album picture-perfect.

Most find historic places that hold wedding ceremonies are feature restored castles or manors, which also function as a hotel, abbeys and other buildings of architectural interest.

Other options can include a glamping site, perfect for rustic, festival-themed weddings, a treehouse, ideal for intimate weddings with stunning views and a vintage cinema, brilliant for couples who adore pop culture.

If you are planning to tie the knot, don’t be afraid to try something new and be creative. It’s fun to think of creative ways to make your special day memorable. And don’t forget to consider your budget as you plan.