Décor Trends That Can Beautify Your Wedding Day

Weddings place you and your beloved at the center of attention, yet you also want your guest to have wonderful experiences on your big day. To deliver unforgettable experiences, Alexan Events and other experts noted that many couples today focus on the decorations of the ceremony and the reception.

Thinking of the same thing? You can look at the following decoration trends to gain inspiration as you get wedding rental décor:

Green Everywhere

Many wedding décors this year follow the Pantone Color of the Year 2017, which is Greenery. It has been popping up in the form of greens or leaves with as little blooms as possible. You can use the same as well as herbs, mosses, and potted plants.

Flowers in Soft Bloom

Although greens have been popping up in weddings, the variety of flowers remain. In 2017, soft-petal blooms have been the popular choice. People want peonies, dahlias, ranunculus, garden roses, and others of the sort. Couples also scatter loose rose petals atop tables to serve as a runner.

Flowers Above

Aside from the flowers you can see at eye-level, you can have a few pieces hanging on the ceiling during the wedding ceremony and reception as well. Floral chandeliers, for example, can be eye-catching to people of all ages.

Metallic Mixes

As for the flatware, metallic colors have become popular. You can find silver, gold, and rose gold plates, spoons, forks, and knives atop tables. Aside from the flatware, you can also use metallic colors for your general wedding aesthetic. Metallic linens, for example, can be eye-poppers on head and display tables.

Blush Rose Wedding

Speaking of aesthetic, weddings also choose blush rose as their main wedding color. A blush rose color has a timeless look to it, which has attracted many couples. You can put a twist on the usual blush rose aesthetic by mixing in accents of burgundy, French blue, mustard yellow, or persimmon.

You can mix and match the wedding décor trends above, as well as ideas you like, and you will have the best wedding that you and your guests can enjoy.