Hair Clippers Maintenance : What You Should Do

a man with his barber

Bruce Willis and Jason Statham are known for their bad boy looks, which they emphasize with their shaven hairstyle. It’s no wonder a number of fans are following the suit; bald is better, they say. You might be one of them.

Whether you like sporting such hairstyle because it suits you or you wish to battle hair loss, investing in a hair clipper is probably one of the best ways to do so. Fortunately, top quality clippers are available everywhere. Today, you can go online and buy your set of trimmers. Just getting your hands on one, however, is not enough. Make the most of your purchase by maintaining clippers properly.

Clean the blades regularly

The blade is the core of a clipper’s function; therefore, it is important to clean the blades regularly. Simple dusting, sharpening, and proper installation can prevent your clipper from rusting.


Make your clipper last longer with a simple and inexpensive solution: lubricate your blade. Oiling your clipper allows smoother cutting, more powerful function, and overall give a much more efficient output. Invest in clipper oils if you still haven’t.

Proper storage

Only barber shops and salons use hair clippers for hours; simple homeowners rarely use clippers every day. Instead of leaving your clippers around, proper storage matters so you can prolong its shelf life. Invest in the right bags and holder stands made especially for storing hair clippers and trimmers.

Dispose when you have to

As much as you want to use your hair clippers to forever, it will not. Time and wear will eventually compromise its function. Constant malfunctioning and power cuts are two of the most obvious signs that you are better off with a new one.

Investing in hair clippers whether for home or professional use will definitely be more worth it if the clippers can be maintained well. Practice proper maintenance to have long-lasting clippers.