Have an Unforgettable Big Apple Wedding Anniversary Celebration

Husband and wife celebrating their wedding anniversary

Whether you’re celebrating your paper anniversary or have reached the milestone that is your golden anniversary, New York City is a great destination to commemorate the occasion. Although perceived as a busy concrete jungle, many romantic celebration options can be found all over the city.

Here are some ideas on how to plan an unforgettable Big Apple celebration:

Take a Memento of the City Home

You can opt to bring home an effigy of the Statue of Liberty or the Empire State building. Why not stop at the common destinations in the City. You can find many souvenirs that depict the arts and culture unique to the city from the shop of the Met Museum. For something extra special, commemorate your anniversary with a wearable piece of art from one of the many well-known jewelers in New York.

Indulge in Refined Entertainment Options

Don’t even think of planning a dinner and a movie. Indulge in refined entertainment options like opera, ballet, or theater. These entertainment experiences can rarely be enjoyed in one place, but New York has it all. See Opera performances by the most powerful voices from all over the world at the Metropolitan Opera or the Lincoln Center.

While the theaters don’t enforce a strict dress code, a night at the Opera is a great excuse to get dressed and fancy. Find fresh ballet talents and performers trained in the many world-class ballet dance institutes in New York. Lastly, don’t neglect to watch a play or musical on Broadway.

Sample the Lavish Gastronomic Offerings of the City

The city is home to many Michelin Stars and multi-awarded chefs. Try a chef’s table experience and book a multi-course meal in one of the many hip and acclaimed restaurants in the city. For something out of the ordinary, enjoy drinking wine while soaking in Aire Ancient Baths, an unusual spa concept in Tribeca. If you want to enrich your cooking skills and learn from the best chefs, some restaurants even offer luxurious private cooking classes.

An anniversary is a special occasion that deserves a special multi-day commemoration. Deepen your romance by planning a memorable vacation and celebration in New York City.