Looking for Banquet Halls in Michigan? Consider These 3 Things First

Bride With wedding planner

Planning and preparing for a wedding can be a drawn-out and harrying experience. The decisions you need to make for your big day include deciding on the bridal and groom’s attire, jewelry choices, caterers, and a banquet place for your wedding reception, with the last being among the most important ones.

While you may have had personal aspirations of where you would love to celebrate your big day, it is imperative that you first consider the following when choosing a banquet hall like those offered by Crystal Gardens Banquet Center for your wedding celebration:

Venue size

The choice of your wedding venue depends on the size of your wedding and the who’s who on your guest list. Also, if your guests have children, it would be best to err on the side of caution and rent out a larger hall in case they bring them along. 

Theme and style 

Do you want a wedding fit for a king, a traditional wedding, or a theme-based wedding? The theme of your wedding will help determine which venue will work best as a reception area. Also, remember to offer guests a convenient parking option close to the venue.


Whether you choose to have a traditional or a more unconventionally themed wedding, the location of your big day is important. It will determine if your guests can locate it easily and quickly, after all.

If you are planning on a remote destination wedding, make transport arrangements so that your guests arrive for the big day on time. Remember to include the guide map in your wedding card to help guests locate the venue with ease, and ensure you have a set budget for your wedding hall as the availability of an appropriate size, convenient location, and other banquet facilities will depend on your budget.

Getting the wedding hall of your dreams will not require you to break the bank; there are great banquet halls in Michigan that you can hire at reasonable rates. Dedicate some effort and time to research your options to find a venue that will best suit your needs.