Love Yourself Five Ways and Look Good

A healthy woman exercising yogaThe secret to looking good is actually not a secret. It’s common knowledge that to look good, you have to feel good. And to feel good, you must first love yourself.

Here are five ways to apply this bit of Bieber wisdom:

1. Lead a healthy lifestyle

Well-being begins with your body. You know the drill: Eat right, exercise, get enough sleep. If you smoke, quit. If you drink, do so moderately — and yes, don’t drive when intoxicated. Follow a diet plan that fits you. Hit the gym. Disconnect from the internet at bedtime.

2. Support an advocacy

Whether it’s the environment, animal rights, or cancer research, choose a worthy cause that you would love to support. Look for websites of nonprofit organizations and other cause-oriented groups and see how you can support them. Helping others helps you. Science has proven that altruism translates to overall positive health. Do good, feel good.

3. Spice up your fashion sense

If you’re the ‘vanilla’ or ‘just-the-basics’ type of dresser and you’re comfortable with it, that’s fine. Drab colors, no-frills clothes worn right do have a timeless elegance to them. But if you want to showcase your individuality more, look for styles that are traditional yet edgy. Watch fashion blogs. Experiment. That way, you’ll find your element, and soon you’ll be dressing well effortlessly. And to tie this up with the previous tip, there are even philanthropic fashion companies that will help you look good and help others too. See that? Two birds with one stone.

4. Smile more often

Even if you’re the brooding type, trying to smile once in a while won’t hurt. Just making an effort even when you’re sad is enough to elevate your mood. If you’re having a hard time, watch comedy. Smile or laugh negative thoughts and feelings away with positivity.

5. Mind your manners

How you behave is part of your general appearance. To make a good impression, be considerate. Try to be appropriate with all the things you say or do. Avoid posting on social media something you might later regret.

Regardless of what you have at birth, regardless of what society dictates on the idea of beauty, looking good is an ideal worth striving for not only to impress others but also to impress yourself.