Maintenance Tips on Making Your Hairdressing Scissors More Durable

Hairdressing Scissors

Running a profitable hairdressing shop requires high-quality equipment. The most important of all is the pair of hairdressing scissors. The best scissors are a considerable investment and ensuring that they serve you for a long time is important.

With proper maintenance, professional hairdressing scissors will be worth the money you spend on them. Compared to other hair cutting equipment, caring for your scissors is less tasking but requires due diligence. Scissor Tech US cites some areas of maintenance that will enhance your scissors’ longevity.


Wipe your scissors using a clean, soft cloth after each haircut. This helps prevent the accumulation of hair and chemicals, which affects your scissors’ performance by dulling the blades and pushing them apart. The buildup also increases the risk of corrosion. Regular cleaning helps keep your blades sharp and improve your daily operations.


The most common mistake hairdressers make in lubricating scissors is using the wrong type of oil. Ordinary oils have petroleum, which leaves behind a sticky residue on the blades, as well as impurities such as waxes, unstable hydrocarbons, and sulfur. Ensure that you always use scissor oil to lubricate the blades daily and keep them at a 90-degree angle when doing so.


Make sure the scissor blades are always closed when not in use. This reduces the risk of unintended damage to your blades’ edges. The scissors should also be kept in a protective case to reduce exposure to various elements and ensure that no one uses them for other purposes.

The above maintenance tips will protect your scissors from premature wear, but sharpening them every once in a while is essential. This task should, however, only be handled by professionals. DIY sharpening will not last, and in most cases, affects the balance of your scissors. These will not only make hairdressing difficult; it can also result in less-than-perfect haircuts.