Millennial Marriages: Brunch Weddings are Now a Thing

Young couple's wedding day

Millennials, the fun-loving, laidback generation is changing the wedding landscape, and among its most recent introductions is a brunch wedding.

For many Millennials, brunch is more than just a meal: it’s a lifestyle. There’s just something about the ambiance and the IG-worthy foodie decadence that endears brunch to the young generation — so much that they have made it into a wedding theme.

A wedding report collected by Pinterest revealed that the term “brunch wedding” increased in searches by 35% in the past year. Brunch-themed menus and daytime weddings also made the top bill where search volume is involved, and for a good reason.

During Brunch, We Say I Do

Companies that specialize in creating a romantic ambiance and serving delectable, perfectly plated food such as Crystal Gardens Banquet Center are having a moment. Brunch weddings are now a thing among Millennial couples, and these companies’ services are exactly what young couples need to achieve their dream wedding. Throw in a jazz band, pretty tea-length dresses, and maybe some donuts, and voila, you’ve got yourself a fresh, beautiful wedding that costs relatively cheaper than a traditional ceremony.

Young, In Love, and Practical

Other generations may frown upon Millennials’ apparent inclination towards grand that tend to make them broke, but according to the Pinterest report, couples gravitate towards brunch weddings as they tend to be less expensive.

The idea is having the reception earlier, usually between 11 AM and 2 PM. By doing this, the cost of booze and food, in general, will be much cheaper than it would during an evening affair. As the event tends to be less formal, there’s no need to fork out for dishes, linens, and even your entourage’s attire. The reception can be as casual as you please, without seeming like you did it to cut on costs.

Not only are daytime weddings beautiful – they’re also cost effective, and it lets couples jet off to their honeymoon without worrying about a terrible hangover.