Mud Mask: Proper Application and Expert Tips

Woman getting a facial mask

Mud masks are all the rage in beauty lately. Natural and effective for most skin types, this skin-healing agent cleanses and tightens the skin, making it a must-have beauty product for both men and women.

Whatever brand of mud mask you use, and whether you use it weekly or just when you feel like pampering yourself, take note of the following tips to ensure that you’re maximizing its use.

Be Generous

Mud masks are not just for the face. Take advantage of that tub and apply it on your neck and chest as well. According to beauty experts at Kedma Skin Care, mud masks can reduce the appearance of sun damage and slough off dead skin, two issues that are typically present on the chest and neck.

Use a Brush

No matter how clean your hands are, don’t use them to apply a mud mask. Use a paddle brush so you can apply the product on your face more evenly. A paddle brush also prevents bacteria—a major cause of blackheads and breakouts—from seeping into your skin.

Use a Warm Towel

Wash off the mask by slowly massaging a warm—not hot—and damp towel on your face. Gentle removal is less harsh on the skin and also prevents stretching, which can lead to fine lines and wrinkles.


Your skin might feel soft after washing off the mask, but it’s still important to moisturize after application. Two minutes after your routine, apply a light moisturizer or serum on your face to retain your skin’s natural moisture. This will not only make your skin softer but also noticeably brighter.

Like all beauty products, use a mud mask properly and with moderation. Don’t use the product more than three times a week, as this could dry your skin. Also, make sure to use one that’s right for your skin type.