Simple Ways to Keep Your Feet Warmer in Cold Weather

Woman blowing air on gloved hands

Texas has been experiencing snowy, wet storms, and according to the Old Farmer’s Almanac, there’s still more winter weather to come. As tempting as it is to spend the cold weather in front of a roaring fire, most of us have to brave winter and can’t hibernate.

Keep the toes warm to keep your torso warmer

Bundling up in warm layers of clothing helps you stay warmer and makes going out less uncomfortable, but it’s still hard to feel warm when your toes feel like ice cubes. The good news is that keeping your feet warm is easy with a visit to your favorite boot store in Austin, Texas.

Simple solutions for cold feet

These simple but effective solutions to guard against cold feet should get you through the worst of any weather with toasty warm toes:

  • Toe warmers – These are small pads that when exposed to air heat up and provide several hours of warmth. They are very thin and easy to slip between your socks and boots or shoes, and are disposable, inexpensive and effective.
  • Thermal boot socks – Boot socks are usually of wool or other types of fabric. They work by trapping your body’s natural heat with small pockets of air-woven or knit into the fabric, plus wicking away any moisture, so the feet stay warm and dry.
  • Battery operated or rechargeable heated socks – Simply put, the heated socks work the same concept as an electric blanket with wires running through the fabric. Most people wear a thin sock next to the skin and put the electric socks over that.
  • Weatherproof boots – To keep your feet warm, you will want to have at least one good pair of weatherproof boots. There are many styles to choose from: basic leather work-boots, stylish women’s boots, wool, and fleece-lined boots.

Choosing a great boot and finding the proper socks and warming devices is simple and quick, and boot shopping can be fun with a single stop at your favorite boot store. The best perk to a Texas winter is it’s a perfect excuse to go out and buy new boots!