The Secret to Success: Team Camaraderie

For years, countless studies have been conducted to try to show the importance of camaraderie in the workplace. According to Gallup’s 2017 State of the American Workplace report, only one-third of employees are engaged at work. What’s more, only 21 percent agree that the way they are managed motivates them to excel at their jobs.

These results show that employees need more satisfaction to produce quality work. In engaging the entire team and building camaraderie, it’s essential to practice these simple things in the workplace.

Get to know the team

Whether you’ve been working with each other for years or you just started last week, getting to know each team member is a good foundation for building camaraderie. It is a great way to identify your team’s strengths and weaknesses. With this knowledge, you’d have a better understanding of what would motivate them to do better.

Reward hard work

Giving constant feedback is beneficial for employees. They can work on their capability and potentials, and they’d have a point of reference for their improvement. When you see your team improving, it’s important to let them know and reward them. This can be done by taking your team out for drinks or dinner at least once a month. In Markham, Ontario, some bars have corporate venues. This is a great opportunity to celebrate your team’s achievements.

Open communication lines

It pays to let your employees know they can talk to you without judgment. Your team will be more transparent in relaying relevant information. They’d also be more open in addressing their problems if any arise. Open communication breeds trust and that is an important key to building camaraderie.

Keep in mind that happier employees work better. And, even if several studies haven’t proven this to be 100 percent true, keeping a workplace with an open and warm vibe will make a positive impact on the employees and the company overall.