Three Ways to Spoil Yourself This Weekend


After a long week of work, don’t you think you deserve some pampering? You’ve been working hard, and nothing screams recharging more than a weekend of self-care. Here are three ways to feel your best at the end of the week:

Get All Made Up

The hours of each weekday are not enough for you to be dolled up before heading to work, so many of the looks you’ve wanted to try have been parked in the back burner for months now. Why not visit Las Vegas salons like Cherry Lash and get your nails done? Nails and lashes are two of the most popular look upgrades you can get for just a few hours of salon time. Fire up your favorite makeup video and get your face all dolled up to match your new look.

Sleep In

You might feel like the weekend is your only time to squeeze in some socializing with friends and the neighborhood bar regulars, but it also pays to take a break from your nightlife once in a while. Hit snooze on that alarm for both Saturday and Sunday, or better yet, disable all alarms for the rest of the weekend. Make sure there’s food in the fridge because you’ll wake up hungry after a full night (and morning) of sleep.

Retail Therapy

Nothing beats retail therapy. You might be doing your shopping almost exclusively online for the past several years. Try to hold off on those purchases and schedule a weekend when you’ll hit the brick and mortar stores. Don’t you miss having the chance to try on a dress before buying it? It feels great.

These are just three things that you can do to spoil and pamper yourself this weekend. Leave your troubles at the door come Friday and dedicate the weekend to yourself. Have fun!