Top 3 Considerations When Choosing a Wedding Reception

Wedding Arch

A wedding venue is one of the first and primary decisions you will have to make once you have settled that you want to go down the aisle with the love of your life. But, where do you start? The following will make an excellent guide to selecting your wedding venue:

Be an early bird

Most people book in advance the most beautiful places in Michigan for their ceremonies. It is, therefore, imperative you also book your wedding reception early enough, so you won’t need to reconsider taking up another place because another couple booked your venue of choice right before you did. It is only after this that you can get to consider other factors.

Select the venue yourself

By now you well know that your choice of reception sets the pace for everything else. Also, to a great extent, the colors you choose for your venue will determine the mood and tone of your wedding day, and it is only fair you do it yourself. So, have a clear picture of how you want your day to turn out.

Remember, this is your day. So, have it your way.

Consider the hidden costs

A little too often, cheap turns out to be expensive. Your wedding reception may call for little or much decoration and organizing, depending on how much you and your service provider may have invested in it. All the same, make sure you get value for your money.

Some venues may only provide space that you will need to dig deeper in your pocket to pimp it up while others are as good as ready for the wedding ceremony.

One last factor you will need to consider is whether you want your wedding reception to be indoors or outdoors. Once you settle on this, you can narrow down on your choicest garden marquee, a boutique hotel, a country house, a manor house or standalone tipis in Michigan. The options are limitless.