Types of Pontoon Boats You Can Choose from

Couple sitting on the edge of a boat

Boating is one of the most popular hobbies nowadays. It gives you an opportunity to connect with nature amazingly. It is also adventurous and gives you the chance to put your confidence and skills to work. Boating is addictive, and it is hence more convenient and cost-efficient to buy rather than rent a boat every time.

When looking for a boat, the best place to visit is a pontoon boat shop in Michigan, like D&R Sports Center (Boats Center). Pontoon boats are the perfect option since they are durable, easy to maintain, safe, and comfortable. Other than pontoon fishing boats, here are the other types of pontoons you can select.

Performance Pontoons

These are the ideal option for boaters looking for cruising speed. A performance pontoon comes with a lot of horsepower on its stern, which enables you to curve turns at thrilling and amazing speeds. There are various categories of performance pontoons you can choose from based on your ideal horsepower.

Water sport Pontoons

It is possible to use any pontoon boat to tow wakeboards, skiers, and tubers. There are however specific water sport pontoons categorically designed for sports. These come with excellent metal sports arches, brackets for skis and boards and towline mounts. Water sport pontoons also come with various options for customization including the addition of personalized splashy graphics and boat interiors to match your preference.

Luxury Pontoons

These boats are the ultimate definition of relaxation and comfort. They have comfortable seats and spacious interiors for hosting large parties on board. Top-of-the-range luxury pontoons come with full stand up bars, joystick steering, lounges and twin engines among other deluxe features.

Covering your boat when it is not in use is essential to ensure its durability. It protects your pontoon from UV rays damage with constant sun exposure regardless of its type.  Covering or sheltering it also helps in maintaining your pontoon’s quality and color.