Ways to Keep Employees Happy in Your Company

A business will not be successful without its employees. This means you owe a lot to them being present at work every day. It also means you want them to stay in the company and to be productive at all times. There are several things you can do to encourage them to keep it up.

Offer Promotions to Those Deserving

When you hire an employee, you give them a timeline of when they can expect to get promoted if they excel in their position. However, if you notice that they are giving it their best and they have contributed greatly to the success of the company even in the short time they have been there, do not hesitate to offer them a promotion or salary increase. The announcement of promotions can be made in time with a corporate event, where you can present them luxury flowers from Lola Flower Boutique and a chance to be recognised company-wide.

Pay the Real Living Wage

London’s living wage may not be enough for a family living in such a costly place. To show your appreciation for your employees, make sure their salary is enough for their necessities, and then some. The market in London is competitive; if you do not pay them a decent amount, they might just be tempted to look for opportunities elsewhere. A small hourly rate increase will be a big step in keeping them happy and in the company.

Listen to Their Suggestions

No salary will be enough to make employees feel appreciated if you do not listen to their suggestions. Especially in a company where you do not get the opportunity to talk to rank and file employees regularly, you might not know what is going on. They, however, have to deal with issues on a daily basis. Leave your door open for them to approach you when their supervisors are not addressing their concerns.

The secret to productivity is having happy employees. Know the things that make them want to go to work.