Wearing Clothes the Right Way

Fashionable man

For some people, it might be hard to decide what to wear every day. For some, styling themselves can be a problem, but for some, the problem could be in the choice of clothes they have in the closet. How do you make sure you’ve got the best style that suits you?

Wearing Clothes Right

You can wear a lined men’s shirt jacket from True Grit and pull it off, but you need to make sure that the clothes, the color and the pattern suit you.

1. Know your body shape and type.

People have different body types, and sometimes one kind of clothing will suit you but not another person with a different body type.

This is more than merely being larger or taller; type and shape also depend on whether you have a boxy torso or longer legs and arms.

If you have a long neck, you could wear turtlenecks and rounded collars. However, if you have a short neck, you would look best in a vee-neckline or clothes that do not cling to your collarbone.

2. Choose colors that complement, not clash.

You may have the right style for your clothing, but did you choose the right color for your skin tone?

You should know how to mix and match the color of your clothes. Neutral colors, such as black, gray, and brown, can match any color. However, primary colors need to be matched with complementary colors that will enhance your clothing’s style and pattern.

You should also choose colors based on your skin tone. If you have yellow undertones, use warmer colors such as orange and gold to highlight your skin.

3. Wear the right shoes.

Shoes complete an outfit, and finish a look. Choose to wear shoes that suit your outfit, as well as suit the activity you plan to do. If you need to wear dress shoes for a special occasion, make sure to choose those that are stylish but still comfortable.

Making an impact means you’ve got to believe in yourself. If you’re sure in your clothing choices, that’s already a start. Looking good with the right clothing can help a lot in boosting your confidence.