Why Mall Culture Is Prominent in the Philippines

Busy mall

Wherever you go, there seems to be a new mall under construction. In the Metro, where malls are popular destinations because of their proximity to business districts and MRT stations, it’s rare to see a stall without any visitors. Even in Cavite, shopping centers are merely part of the lifestyle. But why? 

A Destination for the Family

Sunday is the family day in the Philippines, with people heading out with their relatives to eat and have some fun. When you’re carrying toddlers with you, you want a place where they can be welcomed without worrying about any restrictions. A shopping center in Lancaster, Cavite proves to be the perfect place to take the whole family, as it offers a variety of activities to do and stores to visit. There could even be a place where you can leave the kids to play while you do some serious shopping.

A Hangout Spot for Friends

Where can a group of friends go after a hectic day at school? Malls welcome them with open arms and with air conditioners on full blast. There are also coffees and desserts shops for those who want to do some studying before they head home. Dinners out with friends can also be a fun affair even if you’re saving up, thanks to the budget-friendly food chains and food courts your local shopping center has to offer.

A Venue for Events

When visiting their fans, local celebrities often turn to shopping centers as the venue for their events. This is perfect for those who want to catch a glimpse of their favorite stars, and even casual viewers can hang around to see what’s going on. Malls often have enough space–and several floors–to give everyone a good view of what’s happening on stage.

Malls are not just there because you need a branch of your favorite clothing brand nearby. They’re also there for various events in your life.